Zakiyyah Ahmedjan Ismail Murder

It is alleged that at 19:00, Saturday night, 4 July 2020, Zakiyya Ahmedjan Ismail (26) who was four-months pregnant at the time, was brutally murdered in her farmhouse at the Ayoobs Farm, near Weenen Combined School.

Husband, Ayoob Ismail (31), unlocked the kitchen door and went outside to see why the dogs were barking. He called out to the security guard who did not reply. When he turned back toward the home, he was confronted by three men who were wearing face masks.

At knifepoint, the men forced Ayoob into the kitchen and demanded cash and valuables which the family was willing to give. He fought with them to protect his family. Trouble ensued when the assailants began attacking their 4-year-old and 8-year-old children.

The attackers then grabbed their eight-year-old daughter and started strangling her, demanding that Ayoob give them money. Ayoob’s second child, a 4-year-old boy, was kicked in the stomach while he was running towards his mother.

Whilst Ayoob was pleading with the attackers to take the money, Zakiyya tried to keep the attackers away from her children. This is when she was then dragged off to the bathroom where her throat was slit, while Ayoob and the two children were held by knifepoint in one of the bedrooms in the house.

Ayoob was helpless. What could he do against three armed men? Ayoob sustained an injury on his back, as he tried to fight off the attackers and was later rushed to a hospital. “They never took the money. They took her life instead. They never took anything, and we can’t understand why?” The family was in shock.

Zakiyya was certified dead at the scene. Nothing was taken from the house. Weenen SAPS are currently investigating a case of murder. Her funeral was held on Sunday, 5 July 2020

Zakiyya Ahmedjan Ismail

04 July `20, Sat - 19:00

Incident: Zakiyya Ahmedjan Ismail, (26) Murdered

26 Years, 1 Month, 28 Days, 10 Hours, 0 Minutes
From Birth to time of incident (Age)Incident to her recovery

Zakiyya Ahmedjan Ismail (26) who was four-months pregnant at the time, was brutally murdered in her farmhouse at the Ayoobs Farm, near Weenen Combined School.
18 August `20, Tue - 09:00

SVS Activated

1 Month, 13 Days, 14 Hours, 0 Minutes
From Incident to her recovery

After a meeting was held to review the farm murders of KZN, a decision was taken to activate SVS for Trish. The role-players include SAPS, the Hawks, Crime Intelligence, Police Ministry, National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa (NPA), Correctional Services, Together SA CAN (NPO) and Violent Crimes and Technology Support (NPO).

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