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The murder of Trish Taylor – One year on!

1 Year, 0 Days, 0 Hours, 0 Minutes
from incident till the Cold 360+ Days stage (Stage 1.5 Incident)

Stage 1.5 – Incident Cold 360+ Days


This case now requires desperate support from all role-players.


This matter has not been forgotten and we are doing our best as a collective.


It is being supported and managed by the Specialised Victim Support (SVS) platform, processes and ERPC Collaboration Network.


Please keep the SAPS Mooi River, Crime Intelligence, Hawks, our Police Ministry and the *Midlands Security Task Team in your thoughts and prayers as much as this dedicated teamwork and collaboration effort does for our victims.


*Mooi River Farmers Association
*Giants Castle Association
*Kamberg Farmers Association
*Nottingham Road Landowners Association
*Howick Landowners Association
*Boston Farmers Association