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The body of Pieter Hills, and a critically injured Eddie Hills is discovered

0 Days, 10 Hours, 0 Minutes
From Incident till Discovery

At around 05:00 Antionette Hills, who was away at the time became concerned when she was unable to raise her husband Pieter or her son. She contacted the family Housekeeper, Anna Bochedi and asked her to go and investigate.


Anna, accompanied by another worker Maria Khumalo, went to the farmhouse and found their employer brutally murdered, and that Eddie was still alive . Thereafter, the mayday call went out for priority assistance. On arrival of a multi-agency approach of Police, Medical, Farm Watch, Eddie was stabilised and sent through to Welkom Hospital in a critical condition for further life-saving interventions.


It seems the only items taken were handguns. It is unclear at this stage if Pieter and Eddie were shot with their own weapons.


Investigations indicate that the group of assailants took a pathway through the veld after the attack, until they hit the road, after which they took a car to Hennenman.


It appears as if they knew the movements of their target and knew that Pieter would be alone.