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Incident: Mr Friedel Filter, (77y 3m 10d) Murdered

77 Years, 3 Months, 10 Days, 9 Hours, 45 Minutes
From Birth to time of incident

Two assailants entered the ‘Frischgewagt’ farm home through the door of the verandah and one went straight through to the kitchen. Friedel’s daughter who was unarmed screamed and then started fighting him, manoeuvring right out of the house over the verandah and onto the lawn.


Friedel locked the door but was surprised to find that one of the assailants was still inside the house and was now trapped. A struggle ensued at the door where Friedel pushed the assailants into a corner, and it was at this point that the assailant cocked the weapon and shot Friedel.


As Friedel’s son in law knelt down to try and assess Friedel, one of the gang members pointed the gun at him through the door. Thankfully the assailant had a loose cartridge stuck on the side of the slide when he cocked his gun, and it is believed that it must have jammed and thus could not fire.


The assailants fled without taking anything but were confronted by the tractor driver “George” Dlongolo who was subsequently shot through the leg, and kicked him.