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4 Years, 5 Months, 19 Days, 17 Hours, 7 Minutes
Since incident

At around 02:00 on 31st March 2017, Edwin Mapstone (53) and his wife Jean were brutally attacked. They woke up with between three and five suspects in their room. Edwin was stabbed multiple times and then shot. Jean also suffered several stab wounds. The suspects demanded cash but there was no cash on the farm at the time as it had been banked the day before. After gaining access to the safes, the suspects made off with the firearms. Jean managed to get to her vehicle and drove to the manager’s house to raise the alarm. In a critical condition, she was rushed to hospital. 



A clockwork response was carried out by farmers, private security, Magma Investigations, SAPS, the Hawks, Crime Intelligence, Violent Crimes and Technology Support NPO and Together SA CAN.