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Bring Sandra Home: Specialised Victim Support Platform Launch

3 Months, 3 Days, 12 Hours, 39 Minutes
Incident until Specialised Victim Support platform activated

The Specialised Victim Support platform is launched in support of the Moonsamy family. 


Brother, Inderan Naicker makes the following statement
“We are desperately appealing to the public to make use of this platform and to share any information that may assist our efforts to find Sandra and bring her home. If we are successful, it is our sincere hope that this app will play an integral role in ensuring the swift recovery of future victims, and even save lives.


Our family has been devastated by Sandra’s abduction, and I am committed to exploring every avenue and taking any measures necessary to ensure Sandra’s safety and wellbeing. It is our urgent hope that this development will speed up the process and provide some insight into her location.”