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Bail denied, bail abandoned – Xhanti Ndingane, Vizicelo Wokisi, Zolisa Losi.

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Court Appearance to Bail Judgement

DENIED BAIL – One of the three men accused of killing East Coast farmer Shaun Krull was denied bail in the East London magistrate’s court on Monday. Xhanti Ndingane (29) wearing a brown hooded jacket, sighed before returning to the holding cells as magistrate Linda Magaxeni made her ruling. He hardly looked at his family, who were in the public gallery.


ABANDONED BAIL – Ndingane’s co-accused, Vizicelo Wokisi (26) and Zolisa Losi (23) have already abandoned their bail applications. But in something of a surprise move on Monday, his mother asked to take the stand. “Sgt. Kwenene took me as a witness who would testify against my own child.


But the reason I am here today is to come and support my child,” she said.The case was postponed to October 25 for further investigation