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2nd Court Appearance – One of the killers to plead guilty

9 Days, 1 Hour, 0 Minutes
From previous court appearance to this court appearance

Zhanti Ndingane, 29 told the judge that he would plead guilty when the case went to trial.  He testified that he was to drive Shaun’s bakkie away from the scene.  Vizicelo Wokisi, 26, and Zolisa Losi, 23, abandoned their bail applications.


The court heard much testimony today about how the suspects were identified by a client of Mr Krull, a policeman friend of Mr Krull and the Investigating officer.  Leads with regards to an ex-employee were followed up on, which led to the recovery of the stolen vehicle, arresting the first suspect and identifying the other 2 suspects.


A local man from the Qibira village also said that he had seen the 3 suspects together in the days before Shaun’s murder.