SVS Life Timeline

This timeline commences at birth. In the eyes of the justice system a human life is a “priceless” contribution to society. To the family and friends, “priceless” consists of deep, connecting love, hopes, dreams, ambitions, and planning for future generations.

No matter your position on the timeline of life, each life has a purpose and fulfils an important role and responsibility in the family and friendship network.

When a life is suddenly taken by an incident, the impact is absolutely shattering, and is felt by all, including the community and country.

SVS will help us understand all aspects of each case, provide support and help to frame each element for better preparation of the Victim Impact Statements and the restorative justice process.

This also helps court processes as well as the entire family, friendship and community network structure over the course of the timeline from the incident to the close of the case, in most instances spanning 25 to 30 years.