SVS 72h Response Plan

South Africa 

Timeline – 72-Hour Collaboration Response Plan

The 72-Hour Collaboration Response Plan follows a micro-management process of IMICS (Incident Management & Information Capturing System) directives to ensure a precision response to high level priority crimes or where it is believed that SVS (Specialised Victim Support) will be needed. 

It is the goal of the 72-Hour response plan that all tasks listed below will have been completed, and with a successful outcome, within the first 72 Hours, which is the time period in which the case is still hot, and at its most critical phase. Processes will be monitored throughout the period, and updates provided at intervals of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 and 72 hour marks to those relevant roleplayers in the matter. 

Stage 1: Incident, 1.1 – Hot – 72hrs response plan countdown:

  • SVS Activated 
    • IMICS (Incident Management & Information Capturing System) 
    • Initiation of the 72 Hour Response Plan & Customisation
    • Victim Support 
    • Truth Database
    • 14 Day Crime Scene Preservation Plan 
  • Medical & Rescue 
    • Advanced Life Support 
    • NetCare Level 1 Trauma Facilities & Hospital Group  
    • Fire Department 
    • START (Specialised Tactical Accident Response Team) (NPO)
  • SAPS
    • CAS (Crime Administration System)
    • Investigating Officer 
    • Death Notification/s
    • Crime Scene Photographer 
    • Forensic Services   
    • Specialised Components
    • Body Removal 
    • MY SAPS Platform 
    • AAA-Response App
    • MDDR (Mobile Device Data Recorder) 
    • Scene closed and handed to 14 Day Crime Scene Preservation Plan  
  • Hawks
    • Technology Support 
    • Specialised Services
  • Crime Intelligence 
    • Technology Support 
    • Specialised Services
  • Air Support 
    • NetCare Air Ambulance Services 
    • VCAT Air Support in collaboration with Starlite Aviation
    • Community Air Support Services where available
  • Traffic
    • Metro Police 
    • Road Traffic Inspectorate 
  • Community Specialised Services    
    • VCAT (Violent Crimes & Technology) NPO support
    • SNIPR™ ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)  
    • Private Security
    • AfriForum
    • AgiSA 
    • TLU SA
    • SAAI (The Southern African Agri Initiative) 
    • AFAS (African Farmers’ Association of South Africa)
    • BFASA (Black Farmers Association of South Africa)
    • Local, Provincial & National Associations  
    • Crisis Centres
  • Outcomes
    • Arrest/s made 
    • SVS medium to long term processes begin. 
    • All 72-hour support and collaboration process completed ensuring best possible outcomes for the case.