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Solik Case

On 17th February 2017, Nottingham Road police received a report of a missing couple, Christine (57) and Roger Solik (66) from The Bend Country Estate. A concerned neighbour went to investigate and observed that the house was in a state of disarray. When police arrived on scene, they discovered bloodstains in the house and began investigating a case of assault, kidnapping and robbery.  The couple’s vehicle was also missing. At around 07:00, unknown to SAPS members investigating the scene, a passer-by had spotted the body of Christine in the Nzinga River (Impendle) some 70 km away.  SAPS Search and Rescue Units then moved to the area to recover Christine’s body and also searched for Roger but could not find him. The incident then became a murder investigation.

Solik Case

16 February `17, Thu - 20:00

Incident – Murder of Roger and Christine Solik

The house robbery and attack on the Soliks occurred at approximately 20:00 on the 16th of February 2017.
17 February `17, Fri - 07:00

Body Christine Solik Found

Passers-by discover the body of a white female with hands and feet bound and a pillowcase over her head in the Nzinga River (Impendle) and immediately contact SAPS. Search and Rescue recover her body from the river.  At that point in time, no one knew it was Christine as this was ±70 km from their home. It is clear she had been thrown off the bridge.

17 February `17, Fri - 09:00

Neighbour discovers crime scene

A concerned neighbour goes to investigate and observes that the house is in a state of disarray. Nottingham Road SAPS are summoned to the scene to investigate the missing couple.


On searching the premises they note that a television, a DVD/Radio player, shoes and their vehicle are missing. It is clear that a struggle had taken place as bloodstains could be seen. Furthermore, pillowcases and possibly some of Roger’s ties are missing, indicating that the couple had been tied up. The house was normally kept in immaculate condition so it is clear that something tragic has happened. 


A priority investigation case of assault, kidnapping and robbery is launched and a missing persons notice is broadcast across all networks.

17 February `17, Fri - 10:00

Solik’s Vehicle Recovered

Separately, a vehicle is found abandoned in the KwaMadladla area, Taylor’s Halt. On checking the ownership it is confirmed to be the Soliks’ vehicle. Links in the case are starting to be made

18 February `17, Sat - 08:00

Family call for help in finding their father

The Solik family released a statement and an appeal for information with regard to their missing father.


“Our father, Roger Solik, is still missing.”


“He has fought hard against Parkinson’s disease for 20 years,” said the family.  “Daily medication is essential for his condition and, no matter how mentally fit he is, without his medication he will become totally dysfunctional within 48 hours.  “It is critical that we find our father soon as he has hours to live. Our parents were inseparable and their relationship was something to aspire to. It is hard to understand that on their community farmland estate with rolling hills, endless nature and neighbours 100 metres away, that something so violent could happen.”


“Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers,” said the family.

20 February `17, Mon - 06:00

Recovery of Roger Solik’s body

The Pietermaritzburg Search and Rescue Unit is summoned to Impendle to search for the body of the remaining victim.  The search continues in the Nzinga River and after a while Roger’s body is found approximately two kilometres downstream. His hands and feet had also been bound with electrical wire and a pillowcase tied over his head.


The family are informed of the tragic news and SAPS Provincial Communications breaks the news to the media and public that Roger has been found and a manhunt is in overdrive to bring the perpetrators to book.

02 March `17, Thu - 06:00

Arrest – Thulani Moses Mthembu arrested

13 Days, 10 Hours, 0 Minutes
From Incident till Arrest

Thulani Moses Mthembu is arrested by Nottingham Road SAPS and will appear at the Magistrate’s Court on 13th March 2017.

13 March `17, Mon - 09:00

First court appearance of Thulani Mthembu

Thulani Moses Mthembu appears before the Howick Magistrate’s Court and is remanded back into custody until 22nd March for a bail application.

26 March `17, Sun - 02:00

Arrest – Xolani Brian Ndlovu is arrested

1 Month, 9 Days, 6 Hours, 0 Minutes
From Incident till Arrest

Xolani Brian Ndlovu is arrested in Umlazi due to combined efforts by various SAPS units including Nottingham Road SAPS and the K9 Unit.

27 March `17, Mon - 09:00

First court appearance of Xolani Ndlovu

Xolani Brian Ndlovu appears in the Howick Magistrate’s Court and is remanded back into custody until 7th April for a bail application.

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