Luan Preston Murder

On the morning of Saturday 15th June 2019, the body of a farm manager was discovered in his house in Oslo Beach (Port Shepstone). The victim lived alone. 

It would appear that the suspect/s gained access to the home through a door which was left unlocked. There was a struggle between the victim and the attacker/s as the victim had defence wounds and lacerations on his body. The room was in a state of disarray and marks on the victim’s face and neck indicate he was overpowered  and a ligature was used for possible strangulation. 

SAPS LCRC attended the scene and conducted a thorough investigation. 

Items of value that seemed to be missing from the house were a T.V., cell phone, jewellery and a laptop computer.

The accused was arrested a month later after an intensive investigation by a team of Port Shepstone detectives.

Luan Preston

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