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Jacqueline Chatterton (46) Murder

Jacqueline (46) was stabbed to death in her home, at Mantshonga Farm in Boston on a dairy farm just after 21:00 on Monday, 31st October 2005 by Madondo David Ndlovu (22), who had previously worked for the Chatterton’s in the dairy for four years and Mbongelwa Thuthukani Miya (22). The two assailants entered the Chatterton home through the open kitchen door, locking themselves and Jackie inside, while Jackie’s husband James had gone outside with the dogs. After hearing Jackie’s screams, James desperately tried to gain access.

Jackie was brutally attacked but turned and ran to the other end of the house where the radio was stationed and managed to get a Mayday call out for help. James was able to gain access through the front door, and he, by this time joined by others, broke the door open and entered the bedroom. David was apprehended and placed under citizens arrested by farmer’s that had arrived to assist.

James managed to get to Jackie, who was put into a car and rushed to hospital in Pietermaritzburg, but passed away on route, not far from the farm. Jackie was stabbed a total of 40 times.

James, Jackie’s husband recounted the events of that fateful day

Jackie was brutally attacked but turned and ran whilst continually being stabbed…

Conviction & Victimology of David Ndlovu

David was the mastermind.. This was a key motive and driving factor in his thinking which festered and placed him in the laundry…

Conviction & Victimology of Mbongelwa Thuthukani Miya

One can glean some insight by a pack mentality and the heat of the moment irrational decisions especially when one considers…

Jacqueline Chatterton

31 October `05, Mon - 21:00

Incident – Murder

0 Days, 0 Hours, 9 Minutes
From incident till death

Jackie (46) was stabbed multiple times in her home in Boston after being attacked by two assailants. The two assailants locked themselves and Jackie into the house while Jackie’s husband James was trapped outside. While James ran around to the front of the house, Jackie managed to run through the house to the radio situated in the office where she managed to get a Mayday call out.
31 October `05, Mon - 21:05

James gains entry

0 Days, 0 Hours, 5 Minutes
From incident till James gains entry

James managed to gain entry to the house through the front door. In the meantime, Jackie’s screams had alerted her parents in law who were living next door, and her Mayday call was answered by several farmers in the area. The local induna Thandi Dlami had also heard the screams and joined James at the front of the house.

31 October `05, Mon - 21:07

One assailant placed under citizen’s arrest

0 Days, 0 Hours, 7 Minutes
From incident till arrest

The two assailants had in the meantime barricaded themselves and Jackie into the bedroom. James and the induna Thandi managed to break the bedroom door down. They were joined by Barry Cromhout, a local farmer as well as several other neighbouring farmers who were able to arrest one of the assailants who was recognised as Madondo David Ndlovu (22), who had previously worked for the Chatterton’s in the diary for four years. The second assailant had successfully escaped through 10cm spaced burglar bars in the ensuite bathroom.

31 October `05, Mon - 21:09

Jackie passes away on route to hospital

0 Days, 0 Hours, 9 Minutes
From incident till death

James managed to get to Jackie whose last words to James were “I’m bad. I’m bad”. She was put into a car and rushed to hospital in Pietermaritzburg, but passed away on route, not far from the farm.

31 October `05, Mon - 21:20

Madondo David Ndlovu (22) arrested by police on scene

0 Days, 0 Hours, 20 Minutes
From incident till police arrest

Ndlovu was handed over to Boston SAPS on their arrival, and was subsequently arrested.

31 October `05, Mon - 21:50

Arrest – Mbongelwa Thuthukani Miya (22).

0 Days, 0 Hours, 50 Minutes
From incident till second arrest

Miya went home, burnt his clothes and told his family he had stabbed a white woman. Within a week Miya handed himself over to police with the help of his brother, also a policeman.

04 November `05, Fri - 09:00

Postmortem conducted

3 Days, 12 Hours, 0 Minutes
From incident till postmortem

Approximately 3 days later, a postmortem was conducted. Howick District Surgeon Deenadayalan Naidoo, who did the post mortem examination showed that Jacqueline was stabbed with two different knives: a pocket knife and a larger, fixed blade knife. Naidoo said “considerable force had had to be used for the knife to penetrate the lungs. Jacqueline was stabbed twenty-two (22) times in the back, three (3) times in her left lung and six (6) times in her right lung. She sustained one (1) stab wound to the neck, two (2) stab wounds to her left arm, five (5) stab wounds to her face and one (1) stab wound to the scalp. A total of 40 wounds, of which 31 were deadly and caused her death.”

23 May `06, Tue - 09:00

Trial of Madondo David Ndlovu

6 Months, 21 Days, 11 Hours, 40 Minutes
From arrest till trial

Ndlovu, of Donnybrook, pleaded guilty to the murder. He was the mastermind and held a trusted employment relationship with the Chatterton’s for four years.

23 May `06, Tue - 09:30

Conviction of Madondo David Ndlovu

0 Days, 0 Hours, 30 Minutes
From trial to conviction

Ndlovu was handed a life sentence, 25 years with an order that he serve the full 25 years before being considered for parole = 2005 to 2030.

Acting Judge Nompulelo Hadebe said the court could not find substantial and compelling circumstances that justified a sentence less than life, mandatory when the murder was perpetrated during an attempted aggravated robbery.

Judge President Vuka Tshabalala would later say David Ndlovu, who was jailed for life after pleading guilty in another trial – was “lucky” not to have been killed by those who arrested him in the Chatterton’s house immediately after the stabbing. He said “In some situations, he would have been killed by all those people who came there (when the alarm was raised). This shows we still have law in this country because they brought the man to justice for him to be tried and for the world to know that the courts pass judgments and sentences that are appropriate.”
David Ndlovu Conviction & Victimologyread here

24 May `06, Wed - 09:00

Trial of Mbongelwa Thuthukani Miya

6 Months, 22 Days, 11 Hours, 10 Minutes
From arrest till trial

Miya pleaded not guilty. He told the court that when David asked him to accompany him to the farm, he did not suspect anything was wrong. His plea of not guilty shows an attempt to distance himself from the murder. While it is evident that he played a far less role, at any point, the reasonable man would have blown the whistle, helped James, or ran for help.

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