Sandra Moonsamy Kidnapping

Help bring home hostage Sandra Moonsamy (45) who is a mother, wife, and daughter. Although a man found in possession of her cell phone is still in police custody, investigators are appealing to the public for more leads which may assist in locating Sandra and bringing the perpetrators of her kidnapping to justice.

Sandra Moonsamy

30 May `19, Thu - 18:10

Sandra Moonsamy – Incident

5 Months, 11 Days, 3 Hours, 38 Minutes
Since Sandra's Kidnapping until she was found

Captain Lloyd Ramovha (Hawks):


Sandra Moonsamy was kidnapped from Stapleton Road in Pinetown. The vehicle’s driver side window had two bullet holes and the left passenger window was smashed in. A witness said several men in two vehicles, a white hatchback BMW and a bakkie, forced the businesswoman off the road. They then fired shots at the driver’s window after she locked herself in. Other suspects damaged the left window with the butt of a firearm and forced her out. She was then pushed into a vehicle and driven away. A passing security vehicle attempted to follow the suspects and was fired upon. The victim’s handbag and phone were left at the scene. The Westville resident has not been seen or heard of since.

05 July `19, Fri - 13:08

Sandra Moonsamy – Arrest

1 Month, 5 Days, 18 Hours, 58 Minutes
From incident till arrest

Captain Lloyd Ramovha (Hawks):


Jerry Ogbuwany Gike (35) has been arrested after he was found in possession of a cellphone belonging to Sandra Moonsamy (45), and has been charged with theft and possession of suspected stolen property. Investigations are continuing.

13 August `19, Tue - 15:09

R5000 Bail Granted

Captain Lloyd Ramovha (Hawks):


Jerry Ogbuwany Gike, 35, who was arrested in the first week of July has been released on R5000 bail.

03 September `19, Tue - 07:09

Bring Sandra Home: Specialised Victim Support Platform Launch

Inderan Naicker (Brother)

We are desperately appealing to the public to make use of this platform and to share any information that may assist our efforts to find Sandra and bring her home. If we are successful, it is our sincere hope that this app will play an integral role in ensuring the swift recovery of future victims, and even save lives.


Our family has been devastated by Sandra’s abduction, and I am committed to exploring every avenue and taking any measures necessary to ensure Sandra’s safety and wellbeing. It is our urgent hope that this development will speed up the process and provide some insight into her location.

07 November `19, Thu - 21:48

Sandra Moonsamy Recovered

5 Months, 11 Days, 3 Hours, 38 Minutes
Since Sandra's Kidnapping until she was found

Sandra Moonsamy has been recovered and is safe. More details to follow

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